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Picture your sales office. Are all of your salespeople exclusively dealing with interested clients - or are they instead dealing with daily rejection, wrong numbers, and or harsh hang-ups. Now picture our office. Each sales representative begins their day with a list of 175 potential prospects. When we say potential prospects we mean that they are qualified only by the simple fact that their names and numbers are listed in the a phone book somewhere. Sounds like an ideal office right?

Now Imagine the positive effect on your sales team if they didn't have to deal with cold calling. Meaning, beginning each day with a full schedule of calls of appointments that are actually qualified. Companies and individuals who are actually interested in what they have to say. and whatever it is that they have to sell.

Sounds too good to be true? There is a reason why our company is called Appointment - We are the best appointment setters money can buy. And we offer all of this at Indian offshore pricing. 

We know that you pay your salespeople extremely well because you know and value their business closing skills. Do them a favor - don’t waste their time - and they won’t waste your money. 

We offer appointment scheduling services for clients in each and every industry; whether it’s physical in-office appointments, house calls, or follow-ups by phone call. 

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We know that as an outsourcing company, we  represent our clients every day. We offer only North American agents on every project.
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